Life | December 25, 2016 | 0

Things have been a little busy over here the last couple of months so the updates have been less than sporadic. But I will definitely fill you in once the wheels slow down.

In the meantime, I wish you love, joy and all things wonderful this time of the year. Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Design | October 29, 2016 | 1

JP Huis - Living Room

We’ve been living in our townhouse for a little over 3 years now and just recently decided to start “decorating” our humble home. Why did it take us this long? Well, we simply just couldn’t make up our minds! And because we didn’t have a whole lot of money left to splurge on designer sofas and overpriced picture frames after our crazy wedding last year. So now that life has settled, making our home a little bit more cozy became a higher priority.

Everything is still in progress, but our living room is starting to come together. I love simple, minimal design and tried to keep those values in line with the decor I chose. We also did a couple DIY items (thanks to my bro) to save some money and they turned out beautiful! Furniture really doesn’t have to cost a lot to be pretty!

JP Huis - Living Room

Mid-Century Coffee Table

Our DIY mid-century coffee table was inspired by Mike Montgomery’s (Modern Builds) Youtube tutorial. If you haven’t checked out his channel yet, hop on over and get watching. He has some great videos! We did make a few different alterations from the original style, like shorter legs, no drawer (yet) and a smaller overall size to fit our living room space. I must say it turned out beautiful and for only $160 worth of materials, it definitely doesn’t beat the bank.

JP Huis - Mid Century Coffee Table

Mid-Century Planters

I originally found this style from and fell so in love with it but I really didn’t want to spend $275 for a plant stand. I also didn’t just want one (I wanted 3) and that would have been way too expensive if I ordered it online. So I consulted with my handyman brother and we went off to Rona to buy wood parts we could use to replicate the design. With a bit of trial and error, we eventually figured out the production process and ended up with 3 awesome replica stands. One was a bit taller so that it lines up with the height of our sofa. Materials cost about $30/planter, which is a pretty good deal.

JP Huis - Mid-Century Plant Stands
JP Huis - Mid-Century Plant Stands

This corner is probably my favourite part of the living room. I designed this ‘Home Sweet Home’ art print a while ago but was waiting to find the perfect picture frame to put it in before putting it up. So when I found these beauties at Chapters, I was super excited! (Click here to download the Home Sweet Home print for free!) I also went through a watercolouring phase a few months ago and painted a split leaf philodendron for the smaller frame. And finally, the glass terrarium is part of my ongoing mission to add more greenery to our home. It houses my airplants, which are super easy to take care of and perfect for my slowly improving green thumb!

JP Huis - Frames

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Travel | May 24, 2016 | 0

The city of Gent is one of the most charming, old world cities I have ever visited. I especially love the beautiful architecture, the skinny cobbled side streets and the smell of freshly made liege waffles.

Travel | May 23, 2016 | 0

The first plane ride of the year and heading to Belgium for a couple weeks to visit friends and family. Our schedule is pretty jam packed for this short trip, but I’m hoping I can squeeze in a little bit of time to do some touristy things. I’ll be sharing stories on Snapchat throughout my trip so follow me if you haven’t yet (username: paulasolanoy).

Travel | September 9, 2015 | 0

The Big Island is so beautiful! Every corner of this island is a picturesque postcard. The rolling hills of lush greenery, the vibrant ombre sunsets, the tropical medley of sea creatures.