Charming Little City

May 24, 2016 in Travel Gent, Belgium

The city of Gent is one of the most charming, old world cities I have ever visited. I especially love the beautiful architecture, the skinny cobbled side streets and the smell of freshly made liege waffles.


May 23, 2016 in Travel Vancouver, BC

The first plane ride of the year and heading to Belgium for a couple weeks to visit friends and family. Our schedule is pretty jam packed for this short trip, but I’m hoping I can squeeze in a little bit of time to do some touristy things. I’ll be sharing stories on Snapchat throughout my […]


September 9, 2015 in Travel The Big Island, Hawaii

The Big Island is so beautiful! Every corner of this island is a picturesque postcard. The rolling hills of lush greenery, the vibrant ombre sunsets, the tropical medley of sea creatures.