Hi, and thanks for taking the time to visit my website and get to know me! My name is Paula Solanoy and I am a photographer and designer specializing in fashion, lifestyle and commercial photography for brands, artists and creatives.

My passion for photography began in university when I bought my first camera to take with me on my field school to Italy. Three months of photographing impressive architecture, landscapes, culture and people made me realize that, capturing these special moments and places is what I really loved to do. Since then I've had to opportunity to try many different types of photography from beautiful weddings and large events to small lifestyle sessions and travelling. I loved experiencing all of them. My background in design has helped me greatly in creating imagery that reflects my own personal style. Neutral colours and minimalistic spaces are what my dreams are made of!

Take a look around and if you feel we have the same vision, get in touch. I would love to chat with you!
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