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Whistler Adventure

It’s been a while since we went on a family weekend getaway, so we decided to take advantage of the Labour Day weekend and head up to Whistler for a staycation. Our trip started late in the day because, to be honest, we really

didn’t know where we wanted to go and kind of decided on Whistler last minute. Well, we didn’t decide, we got Audrey to pick a place out of a bowl!

We’ve been to Whistler many times before but this was Audrey’s first time. It was also our firt time going hiking with a baby. So we started small and short, a quick

30 minute walk along the Alpine Trail on Blackcomb Mountain. This is a great little walk for kids with so many different animals to see and a beautiful view along the way. Audrey spotted marmots, chipmunks and a few whiskey jacks!

Although we were only away for 4 days, it felt like we were on a real vacation. I’m usually the type of person that will pack the day full of activities, but this time we just went with the flow and it was actually very relaxing. We still got to do a lot of activities but also felt rejuvinated.

Here are a few of my recommendations/tips for visiting Whistler with a baby:

1. Stay at the Westin.

It has the luxury of a hotel, but also has a full kitchen so you can buy groceries and cook for yourself. We made a baked salmon dinner with shrimp, asparagus and mashed potatoes using the mini oven and stove stop! Cooking will save you lots of money since dining out in Whistler is a bit pricey. We also love the convience of a kitchen when it comes to sterilizing and washing baby bottles, boiling water for bebe and even cooking her meals. The Westin is also one of the cheaper-ish hotel options inside the Village. You could also rent an Air B&B or an apartment, but we love staying in hotels so we went with the Westin.

2. Carrier over Stroller

I highly recommend using a carrier over a stroller when you go up the mountain. It’s way easier and more agile than trying to push and navigate a stroller.

3. Bring a thicker jacket and hat for baby.

It is waay colder up at the top than the temperature down in the Village. Bring baby a hat and jacket šŸ™‚

Paula Solanoy is a designer, photographer and lifestyle blogger.

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